One of the most appealing components of MPCT Young Leaders for schools is the flexibility and choice of 1 placement options when determining timetabling, targeted outcomes, and curriculum choices. Whether opting for a single, extended, or multiple programmes, schools and local authorities have the ability to choose, build, and create their own bespoke placement!

Choose your programme duration…

Schools have the option of implementing MPCT Young Leaders from a half term delivery block, to a full academic year. We also offer 1 day workshops throughout the academic year. Delivery frequency is coordinated on a 1 day a week allocation for the duration of the programme.

The MPCT Young Leaders delivery model is based upon 6-week programmes blocks, roughly based upon a half term delivery timescale. Schools can opt for single or multiple programmes in one purchase. At the end of each programme, we coordinate an in-school presentation to celebrate learner success, where we encourage parents to attend.

We can deliver each programme to the same cohort of learners, or have different learners assigned to different programmes.

1 Day Workshop

Single Half Term Placement

Full Term Placement

Academic Year Placement

Choose when you wish to start

Schools have the option when to implement the programme delivery throughout the academic year. During the placement process, schools will be able to highlight their preferred start date, with programmes commencing normally at the start of each half term. Schools can opt for multiple placements in one academic year.

Let’s get this confirmed!

To secure your MPCT Young Leaders package, click Book Now, call 0300 102 1517 or email to start our simple placement process today! 

Package Options

Depending on the package duration, there are a number of outstanding complimentary additional benefits which include;

  • Young Leader Uniform
  • Learner Progress Reports
  • Staff CPD Training Days
  • Activity Resource Packs
  • Ofsted & Estyn Supporting Impact Reports and many more!

Local Authority Support

Local Authorities and Councils can purchase bulk placement orders for their catchment schools, supporting with a sizeable impact initiative across their location of responsibility. Delivery can be to individual schools or to a larger cluster within a catchment. These can be identified by the local authority or council, and can focus on a series of identified support needs and outcomes; early intervention, SEN support, underperforming schools (Esytn/Ofsted), identified vulnerable learners, learners at risk of NEET, Year 6 transition support and preparation. Proactive support in the primary school sector can look to positively and proactively support learner transition and performance in the secondary school phase, supporting wider school performance.

Secondary School Support – Year 6 Transition

Secondary schools can purchase an array of fantastic packages for their feeder and catchment schools, to support Year 6 transition preparation. By having prepared, rounded, and confident learners transitioning into Year 7, both the feeder and secondary school can positively support the concerns and barriers faced with this key event. We bespoke the programmes specifically, to incorporate key skills and attributes that will aid a smooth progression. These include; independent skills, organisational skills, mental resilience, and developing a positive approach to challenge.

Did you know?

MPCT has supported over 25,000 learners since 1999 and operates across the UK!
For further information on the Local Authority, Council or Secondary School Support Programmes, please contact the Young Leaders Team via to make a placement enquiry, request a quote or to find out more!
Delivery frequency is coordinated on a 1 day a week allocation for the duration of the programme; this allows the learner to access their home-school curriculum with little or no disruption to school timetables and core subjects. During initial consultation, our Instructors will review and confirm the operational details, based on individual school timetables and timings.
All delivery is conducted at the primary school location; as part of the initial consultation, our Instructors will review the location settings, and outline the preferences for the learning environment required.
Each session can support up to 30 learners. However, we can also operate multiple cohorts (AM/PM), allowing two groups of learners per day; that’s up to 60 learners per programme!
MPCT Young Leaders is designed to support Years 4, 5, and 6.
The paramount focus of MPCT Young Leaders is always the safety and wellbeing of our learners. We do this by ensuring all our staff are sufficiently trained to deal with any safeguarding concerns that may arise. They are supported by dedicated safeguarding leads in all areas, and coordinated nationally by a Lead Safeguarding Officer (LSO). The independent LSO is responsible for the overall safeguarding of the provision, and is responsible for dealing with any direct concerns raised about an Instructor. All Instructors are first aid trained.
All package options and prices are outlined in the Packages and Prices section of the website.

1. Let’s Talk!

Find out more by booking a non-committal meeting with the MPCT Young Leaders Team. Here, we can provide further detail on our curriculum and placement options. This meeting can be done via; phone, virtual meeting, or at your school. Simply go to the website and click ‘Enquire Now’.

2. Secure the booking!

All booking coordination is via our website: Please click ‘Book Now’ and follow the short process to create your bespoke placement. An initial deposit is required to secure the booking, with the remaining balance required to be paid in full before the commencement of the first session.

3. You are all set!

Once your order details and payment are confirmed, you will receive confirmation via email, along with your unique booking reference number. Within this email, you will receive your initial starter documentation and next steps!

4. Time for a Visit!

A few weeks before your start date, your regional Young Leaders Instructor will make an introduction and request a school visitation to discuss specific operational details, including; school overview and any standardised school routines, programme outcomes, cohort dynamics, and welfare considerations, fire evacuation details, timings, and available indoor/outdoor space. Furthermore, your Instructor’s Enhanced DBS number will be issued to you.

5. Let’s go!

It’s time to start your MPCT Young Leaders experience!